a film by Robert Flaxman & Daniel Goldman

1976 – Before cell phones, HIV/AIDS and Snooki …

A LABOR OF LOVE follows a young director and his equally young cast and crew as they attempt to make their first feature film, THE LAST AFFAIR.

At the last minute, before filming commenced, the financial backers of THE LAST AFFAIR insisted sex scenes be included to ensure their film’s success at the box office. This edict not only surprised the director and his cast but made them question their ability to perform their roles.

A predecessor to today’s best reality shows, A LABOR OF LOVE focuses on the fragile interpersonal relationships of the director and his cast as they confront uncomfortable, yet often hilarious situations.

A LABOR OF LOVE offers its viewers the rare opportunity to become a fly on the wall and witness unique events they would otherwise never see.

For theatrical re-release – new digital color prints

70 minutes – NR

NOTE: A LABOR OF LOVE has never been shown on TV or cable TV. It has never been available on DVD or tape.

For information about exhibiting A LABOR OF LOVE, contact JOHN ILTIS, jiltis@iltischicago.com (312) 953-5411

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