Order Today! ‘A Labor of Love’ DVD + Bonus Features

A Labor of Love DVD

A Labor of Love is now available on DVD for the first time.

Order your copy with bonus features today through Vinegar Syndrome.


PICK OF THE WEEK: A LABOR OF LOVE, “It could be the best documentary you see all year.”
— Dan Tabor, Cinapse

“An astonishing documentary … As this film proves, you can’t beat real life for sheer unpredictability and entertainment value.”
— Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

A LABOR OF LOVE is a great piece of cinéma vérité … great intimate portraits of people who really have no idea of what they’ve gotten involved with.”
— Mack Blankenship, Slashers, Starlets and Sleaze

“This is a documentary masterpiece … A Labor of Love ought to be held up with the works of the Maysles Brothers and P.A. Pennebaker.”
— Joe Corey, Inside Pulse

“Anybody interested in the filmmaking process whether in front of the camera or behind owes it to themselves to take the 67 minutes and watch this documentary.”
— Seth Poulin, Cinema Terror

“Poignant … amusing … Flaxman and Goldman deliver a surprisingly vibrant and direct ‘tell all’ approach … bears a surprising similarity to such metafilms as Truffaut’s Nuit Americaine (Day for Night) and Olivier Assayas’s Irma Vep … a very human portrait of the society and youth culture of that era.”
Third Eye Cinema

“One hell of a documentary … highly recommended.”
— John Carpenter, Theater Thoughts

“I loved every minute of it.”
The Manchester Morgue

” … a fascinating and hilarious look at the filmmaking process – a TRUE ‘labor of love.'”
— Greg Goodsell, Cinema Head Cheese

Labor is a compelling, often humorous look at human foibles erupting when faced with the most human of acts.”
— Patrick Friel, Film Comment – Film Society Lincoln Center

“It’s all pretty hilarious … Robert Flaxman and Daniel Goldman’s A Labor of Love can be seen today as the missing link between Deep Throat and the events described in Boogie Nights.”
— Gary Dretzka, Movie City News

A Labor of Love is a must for exploitation and adult film geeks … It’s one of those documentaries where the premise is original and the execution is spot on.”
— Greg Baty, Cinesploitation

“Equally entertaining and informative … This is something to be treasured. Go get it!”
— Justin Laliberty, Geek New Wave

A Labor of Love is a funny, touching and frustrating account of a group of young filmmakers attempting to make a dramatic film.”

“Fascinating … hilarious … unique … A LABOR OF LOVE is one of those rare documentaries that exists in a bizarre world all its own.”
— Ian Jane, Rock, Shock, Pop

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